Monday, February 6, 2012

Jeff's 36th Birthday!

Jeff's Birthday was Saturday. He started it out by getting to sleep in and eat breakfast in bed. Then he got to go pick up our new furniture. Don't feel bad for him. He picked it out and he chose when to pick it up. :0)
Later on in the day after we took him to lunch, he opened presents from the kids. (He got my present about a month was a saw he had been wanting/needing.)

The kids were SO excited for him to open the presents they gave him and to read the cards they made for him.

After dinner we had one of Jeff's favorite desserts, a peanut butter pie-type dessert.

It was pretty low-key, but that's what he said he wanted. :0)

Then on Sunday, we took this cake over to his parent's house so we could celebrate Jeff's Birthday while the Super Bowl was on.

My sister Mary made the arrowhead out of candy clay for me. (THANKS!!)

They were all decked out in their Chief's gear!

The inside was also Chief's colors:

Jeff, I hope you had a wonderful Birthday, because you deserve it. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. You are the best husband a girl could ask for and no one could be a better daddy to Zach, Riley, and Lily. We love you!!

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