Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blue & Gold Banquet

Sunday night was the Boy Scout Annual Blue & Gold Banquet. There is yummy food (which Jeff cooked all of this year; smoked brisket, ham, and hot dogs. Yum!), fun games, and awards.
The theme this year was, "Minute to Win it!" So the games were based on games on the Minute to Win it Show. Zach got to play this fun game where he had to use a tape measure to get balls into a cup:

He got all his balls in first!
After some more fun games, we had dinner and then they handed out awards.
The Tiger Cubs were up first. They all got elective beads for completing projects together and they also got their Tiger Cub Badges!

Zach also got his Bear badge!

Then his troop all got to switch over to the Weebelos neckerchief! They all worked hard this year to reach this goal!

Each troop had little skits that they did. Zach's troop did two funny skits. One was where they had a boy under a towel who was the "ugliest man on earth". They each took turns looking under and them falling over dead from fright. This was Zach dying:

At the end after all of the scouts were "dead", their leader looked under the towel and the scout under the towel died if fright because their leader was so ugly. They had a lot of fun with that one.

Their second skit was where one scout complimented each scout (except Zach) on an item of clothing they were wearing and then asked where they got it. Each scout said that got it from JC Penney. Then Zach walked out wearing just a towel (with shorts & a t-shirt on underneath) and the scout asking the questions said, "Who are you?" and Zach looks at the other scouts and says, "I'm JC Penny!"

They all thought they were pretty funny!

Jeff & Riley's Tiger Cubs did a cute song; "I've Got That Tiger Cub Feeling".

They did a good job too!

It was a fun night for all of the scouts!

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