Friday, February 3, 2012

My Little Cooking Helpers

I had some cute helpers in my kitchen today:

Tomorrow is Jeff's Birthday. We are having one of his favorite peanut butter desserts tomorrow night, but we are making him another cake for Sunday night to celebrate his Birthday at his parent's house during the Super Bowl. These two helped me make the cake today & then I will frost it on Sunday.
They poured in the ingredients, cracked eggs, and used the hand mixer:

After the batter was all mixed, they licked the beaters:

Obviously Ares liked the batter, because before I could stop him, he dipped his beater back into the bowl and got a lot more batter on his beater! :0)

While they were licking their beaters, I separated the batter into 2 bowls so we could make one cake red & one cake yellow.

That way when Jeff cuts into it, he will see Chief's colors! My sister Mary is making an arrowhead out of candy clay for me to put on top. (Pictures of the actual cake to come later.)

While not having my little helpers may have been a little bit easier, it wouldn't have been as fun!

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  1. You are so good about involving your kiddos in activities! What fun memories they are making! :)