Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We're Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo....

Since the weather has been crazy this winter, we have been trying to get outside whenever it is warm. I'm not sure if we are ever going to get a real winter this year, but in case we do, I want to take advantage of the warm temperatures while I can. Yesterday, we headed to the zoo with Ares & Johnny. (And Aunt Mary)
Our first stop was the petting zoo. Lily loves to feed the sheep......

as long as she is on one side of the fence and they are on the other.... ;0)

It took a little convincing, but Ares decided that feeding the sheep was fun too!

Johnny also loved feeding them.

Next we headed to the barn, where a picture on the horse or cow is a must for every zoo trip.

Lily likes "milking" the cow. I have a feeling she wouldn't like doing it for real though.

As we were heading for the penguins, a boy and girl peacock walked past us!

Peacocks are so pretty!

This is the closest I have ever seen the penguins get to the fence.

And yes, she probably should not be up there...... oh well.

We had worked up quite the appetite & thirst! So, while we watched the giraffes, we shared a polar ice drink and some yummy popcorn!

Such good sharers!

Next up; the lions!

When we were almost done at the zoo, I remembered that I had a zoo key in my purse. Lily danced to all of the songs on our way out.

What a silly girl!

At the end, Aunt Mary bought them all stuffed baby penguins. They were pretty excited!

Another fun day at the zoo!

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