Monday, February 13, 2012

What We've Been Up To:

1. Last week, we got a new couch for the Living Room:

Which meant that the furniture that was in here moved to the Family Room, and that furniture went into the basement. Which will be used someday, whenever we decide to finish it. Originally we weren't going to get new tables, just the couch (and rug and throw pillows, and a new lamp), but that coffee table does not quite fit in here now. The 2 ends of the couch are recliners, and if you put the foot rests up on the couch, they hit the table. So, I sacrificed and picked out new tables. ;0) They should get here sometime this week, and then these will go in the Family Room too.
2. We have been having so much fun loving on these two cuties this past week!

Ares allows Lily to hold his babies. After he tells her not to poke them, of course though. :0)

Lily sure does love these babies!

3. We have also loved having Mr. Ares at our house this week to play!!

They really do get along pretty well. They had their moments of being tired of being together, but mostly, they had a lot of fun.

4. It snowed this past week!

Not very much, which made the kids sad, but they still went out in it for a little bit.

(Yes, I know he doesn't have shoes on.......I am collecting my Mother of the Year Award later on today....)

5. Riley and Zach got to see the twins finally on Friday!!

They were SO excited. They had been waiting all week!!

6. Jeff & I took a trip to KC this past weekend. Just the 2 of us. It was a much needed break. We went to one of our favorite restaurants up there, saw a movie, (one that started at 8:30!! So late!) ;0) and went shopping. So fun and so relaxing!

7. One of the places we went shopping at was The Crown Center Mall. This guy was there:

He's made entirely of Lego's! It was up to advertise that Lego land is coming to KC next month. They are also putting in a new aquarium in April. Jeff & I want to take the kids back in April so we can go to those fun events.

8. It snowed again last night. This time was even more than last time......

but not enough for a snow day. The boys were disappointed. But not Lily. She didn't want her Valentine Party with her cousins to get canceled.

And that's what we've been up to!

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