Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Parties

Lily and I invited over some of her cousins for a Valentine's Party last Monday.

We got everything ready for a fun afternoon!

When everyone got to our house, we made Valentines!

Everyone's Valentine was different & beautiful!

The twins got to come to the Valentine's party too! They didn't make Valentines though. ;0)

They were dressed up for Valentine's Day though!

After the valentines were all made, we played a fun game with conversation hearts and chopsticks.

They had to pick up the hearts with their chopsticks and put them on the table. Whoever had the most hearts off of their plate in 1 minute won.

Lily had a little bit of an advantage. We eat at Hu Hot a lot. The kids don't actually eat the stir fry, they eat chicken strips and waffle fries, but they use the kid's chopsticks to eat their food, so Lily was used to using them.

But the other kids got the hang of it fairly quickly!

They all did a good job!

Then it was time to hand out Valentines to each other!

After that was snack time. We had yummy treats!!

It was a good Valentine's Day Party!

On Monday night, I made these cake pops for Zach's class party:

And that's the only picture I got on Valentine's Day. :0(

I forgot my camera, so I was going to just use my phone, but then Zach's class was so crazy that I forgot to take any pictures. They had just gotten back from a bowling field trip. Seriously. They were getting off of the bus when I pulled into the parking lot. So, they were pretty wired. I did pop into Riley's class to drop off juice before I went to Zach's class (I'm Zach's room parent), so I got to see him for a bit, but then I never got back to his class. :0( He had fun in his room though, so that's good. =)

Later on, Jeff & I gave the kids their own box of chocolates and they had their favorite dinner; chicken & rice. Jeff brought me a dozen roses and a programmable coffee make that I have been wanting. I know...super romantic on the coffee make, but seriously, I love that thing. I love having coffee already ready when I walk into the kitchen. :0) (Oh, and Jeff got his favorite Reese's peanut butter cups.)

I'd say it was a pretty good Valentine's day had by all!


  1. Hypothetically speaking...if it were between Jeff and the new coffee maker, who would win? ;0)-


    P.S. Thanks for another great party!!

  2. Hmmmm.....that's a tough call..... ;0P