Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blue & Gold Banquet 2015

We had the annual Blue & Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts a few weekends ago. Riley & his Den became Webelos 1 & our nephew, Johnny's den became Bears!

One of the fun activities they got to do were these activity sheets:

Cub Master/Den Leader/Daddy and Riley:

Lily and her friends/fellow cub scout sisters. :0)

Flag Salute:

The second activity was going around the gym in groups and using the clues on papers to guess what animal it is talking about.

The 2nd grade den getting their new badges:

Riley's Den receiving their Webelos 1 badges: 

After badges/awards, we had a yummy dinner and then the scouts did skits. One of the ones the Bears did was singing and doing actions to "Hello Mother, Hello Father". It was pretty cute!

The Webelos did a fun skit about hitting a bullseye & one of them actually hit a bull's eye. (pretended too.)

Then they did a funny skit where they used "scout soap" to get their leader's clothes clean. Everything came out fresh until they washed the socks, and they made Riley (who was "washing" them) fall over from the smell. ;0)

Then it was time for the farewell flag salute:

It was another successful banquet!

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