Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No Sew Pillow

I saw on Pinterest this cute project for a no sew pillow. Lily has been really into making things lately, so I thought this would be a good project for her. All we needed was material (they used felt on the pinterest page but I used fleece), scissors, and cotton batting. I originally wanted a sheep pattern for the pillow because Lily loves sheep, but I couldn't find any, so we went with rainbow material instead. She loved it! :0) She also liked how easy it was. All she needed to do was cut and tie it together!

First of all, can I just cry over how old she looks here?? She will not listen to me and stop growing!! (Neither will her brothers, Zach is creeping closer and closer to being taller than me.....)

First, Lily & I decided how big she wanted the pillow and then made allowances for where the ties needed to be to put the pillow together. I doubled the material so she could cut both sides at the same time to make them the same size. Then she cut the material.

Next, she cut little strips all around the pillow about an inch into the square.

The next step was tying all of those strips together so that the pillow will stay together.

We ran into a problem though. This material shed SO bad. So we took it apart (she hadn't done much at this point) and I washed it. Lily even got the vacuum out and vacuumed up all of the shed pieces!
After it was washed and air-dried, we started again. It was MUCH better!!
I helped Lily do some of the tying because she couldn't get it tight enough, but she helped a lot.
When she only had 4 pairs of strips left, it was time for her favorite part; stuffing it with the cotton batting:

Then she tied the last strips together.

All done!!

She loves how soft and snuggly it is. :0)

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