Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Disney on Ice!

Lily & I headed to Disney on Ice: Princesses & Heroes on Sunday. (Jeff & the boys declined to attend) ;0)
It was SO fun!! Lily dressed up as her current favorite princess; Elsa.

She wanted me to take this picture of her stuffing her face with cotton candy and to text it to Jeff, because she said he would crack up at it. LOL!

Finally, the show began, and Mickey & Minnie skated out!

There were lots of stories that were told during the show. Some were just a song or two, but some were almost the entire story. It was really fun to watch!!

Finally, it was the part Lily had been waiting for!! Frozen!!

She loved it!!
Then it was time for the finale where they all came back out again!

Sorry about the picture quality. I couldn't bring in my camera because it has a detachable lens. :0( So these are from my phone.

Lily had so much fun and I loved watching her reaction to the show. :0) It was a good time!

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