Thursday, March 26, 2015

Make-Over Sleep-Over Party!

Last Friday, Lily had some friends over for a make-over sleep-over party! She was so excited about it!! We got some fun stuff from the dollar section at Target to put in a treat bag for the girls:

Mirrors to decorate, Princesses to color, and brushes!

On the table, we had wands, bracelets, rings, nail polish, hair chalk, lipsticks, blush, and eye shadow.

Lily & I gathered up all of her princess dresses (that didn't look like they were falling apart) and hung them up for the girls to choose from.

For treats, we had cookies shaped like dresses and nail polish:

and cupcakes that looked like high heels!

When the girls got there, they started decorating their mirrors and princesses, then dug into the make-up!!

It was so cute when they helped each other with their make-up!

After they had applied (and applied, and applied...) make-up, they got into their jammies and settled in to watch the new Tinker Bell movie.

This was the aftermath:

Lily's little friend, Madeline didn't spend the night (she's only 4) but the other girls did, and right after breakfast, they were back into dresses & putting make-up and jewelry on!

Then they rehearsed a play and put it on for me!

Then it was time for the girls to go home. Lily had a ton of fun and wants to do another sleep-over soon!

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