Sunday, August 29, 2010


On Friday afternoon we headed to KC for the first home game of the Chief's season.
It was a pre-season game, but those are the ones we like to take the boys to,
that way when they want to leave early, Jeff doesn't really care. =)

We took the boys out of school 15 minutes early.
Zach told me he:
"didn't think that a football game was not a good enough reason to leave school early."
I told him it was 15 minutes....I am sure he wasn't going to be missing anything. =)
Riley on the other hand, was telling his cousins (who ride to school with him) that he might not see them at lunch (at 11:00) because he was leaving early for the Chief's game.
Jeff told him it was not going to be that early.

Our plans had to change a little bit when we got to KC.
We had planned on tailgating with the boys.
It was going to be their first time to do it!!
(Last year we just went staright inside the stadium.)
But, after sitting in 1 1/2 hours worth of crazy-slow traffic,
we weren't going to be able to do that.
So, we let them eat their hot dogs and chips in Jeff car.
This is a big step for Jeff, who doesn't really like food being eaten in his car. =)

If you were wondering about their headsets,
they were watching a movie on the way up.
I love modern technology.
I don't know what we would do without it.
Wait...yes I do!
We would take far less road trips without it. ha ha!
We were a little late to the game too.
Really, the traffic was just CRAZY!!
I think the boys learned some new words from their dad.
But when we finally got there, the boys enjoyed it.

Riley actually enjoys the game MUCH more than Zach.
I think Zach likes going, but Riley LOVES going!
He is so fun to watch.
He gets so into the game, cheering, screaming, jumping up and down.
I just love to watch him react to the game/crowd.

They only lasted until the third quarter.
Which is OK.
Jeff wanted to look around the "new" stadium.
This was in the Hall of Fame section.

But what Jeff really wanted to find was our brick.
They have a Founder's Plaza where they have bricks for season ticket holders.

It took us forever to find our brick.
We looked and looked, then we finally called my sister, Kathleen.
She was staying with Lily at our house.
We made her find the paper that said where the brick was located......
because someone forgot it.....
Anyway, we found it right after that and the boys were excited.
And when I say boys, I mean all three of the "boys".

Then we headed off to our hotel.
This has become a fun little tradition we have started.
Hopefully we can keep doing it every year!

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  1. Wow - That brick thing is pretty cool! I am glad you had fun and that the boys were so good.

    - Mary