Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

Today is the boys' first day of school.
Last night I read them The Kissing Hand.
This is the BEST night before school book ever!
I have read it to the boys every year before they went to school.
And I will read it to Lily next Monday night before she goes to preschool on Tuesday.

When I woke Riley up today, he popped out of bed.
He was super excited. =)
He was excited to get his new uniform on.
He was excited to put his new shoes on.
He was excited about his new lunch box.
He was excited about pretty much everything.

Zach didn't exactly pop out of bed....
He was excited about his first day in second grade though. =)

My two handsome boys.

We took Zach to his class first.
I was lucky I got a picture.
He practically ran to his class.
He was excited when he found out his friend Cody is going to be in his class again this year.
Then we took Riley to his class.
My little Riley is not shy.
He went right up to his teacher and asked her where his things went.
Then he gave her about three hugs.
I know we left him in competent hands.
He has a great teacher!!
I am sure both boys will have a great day!!
I can't wait until they come home and tell me all about it!

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