Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preschool Art Projects

Yesterday we had an art project party.
We invited over Lily's cousin Johnny for art projects, snacks, and playtime!
The first project we did was a "Shapasaurus".
We started out with shapes:
Ovals, triangles, diamonds, circles, rectangles, and squares.

Then they each made their own Shapasaurus!

I think they turned out super cute!

Out next project was making hand print fish in a fishbowl.
We needed these things:

Johnny and Lily got their hand painted so they could make their fish.

Then they glued rocks to the bottom of the "bowl".
They also added other fish stickers to complete their picture.

They did a really good job!!

Then they had a snack and played and played.
I think they would both agree it was a good afternoon!

We also invited their cousin Camden, but he couldn't come.
Hopefully he can come next time!!


  1. These are so cute! I love how you wrote their names on them! Picnik? What a great way to remember their artwork! (This may be a dumb question... but how do you make the arrows like you did on the soccer pictures?)