Monday, August 9, 2010


On Saturday, Jeff took the kids and I Geocaching.
What's geocaching??
Well, first you need this:

a GPS.

You also need these:

small "treasures".

I need one of these:

but you can't have him....he's mine. =)

You also need these:

Some excited kids who want to look for treasure.

Geocaching is where people have hidden "treasures" in various places.
You have to find it using coordinates that they give you.
You put those coordinates in a GPS.
We happened to have one of these treasure sites right in the park by our house!
The hunt we went on consisted of three sites that had to be found.
The last site contains a "treasure" that you can take,
but you have to leave a treasure of your own in it's place for the next person to find.
The kids had graciously given up a car, ring, and bear to leave.
We had the coordinates to find the first site.
Lily found the first container!

This is what was inside:

It told us the coordinates for the next site.
We put them in the GPS and were off to find the next clue.

Riley found this one.
Jeff had to lift him up into the tree to get it!!

This container held the last coordinates.
These would lead us to the "treasure"!!

We found where the "treasure" was supposed to be........

but someone had taken it! =(
They hadn't even left the box that the "treasure" was supposed to be in.
The kids had a great attitude though.
They wanted to leave their treasure behind anyway so the next person would have something to find, even though they didn't find anything.

We asked if they had fun anyway.
Their answer was, YES!!

And just to keep it real for all of you.........

this was Lily's face after she had a major meltdown during the hunt.

Yeah for 3 year olds.........

If you would like to go on your own geocahing hunt, you can find the website here .

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  1. HOW FUN! I have never heard of that, but Cooper was reading over my shoulder and said he'd heard about it and wanted to know if we could do it! :0)