Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two more down...One more to go

We checked off number 19 on our list of summer things; going to the zoo
We went with my mom.
The kids were excited that Grammy was going with us!

In the Chimpanzee house, we got to see a baby!

So cute!
The kids were not as interested in him as my mom & I were though.
They preferred the coin thing where it makes your coins swirl around and around......

They also really liked the misters!
They were soaking wet after this one. =)
The kids had fun, but hopefully the next time we go to the zoo it will be a little bit cooler.

Jeff and the kids checked off number 7 last weekend.
Sleeping in a tent!
Jeff set the tent up on the deck this year.
Even Lily slept in it.
ALL night too!

Mommy still did not sleep in the tent.
Even though I was asked to LOTS of times.....
I am sure someday I will want (be forced) to sleep in a tent with them.
But for now, I am perfectly OK with sleeping in my nice, comfy bed in my nice, air conditioned, bug-free house. ;-)

So now we only have one more thing to check off of our list and we are doing that this week!!
We have all of the boys' school supplies and uniforms, and Lily picked out a new backpack.
Just a few more care-free weeks left.

On a funny note, we took an impromptu trip to Oklahoma this past week for a day and a half.
Jeff had to go out to one of the crews for his work and we decided to tag along with him.
We made the decision on the spur of the moment and I had 15 minutes to pack.
When we only had about a half an hour until we reached our destination I discovered I am NOT a good spontaneous packer.
I NEED lists!!
As we were nearing our hotel, I remembered that I did not pack my deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, or hairspray!!!
I don't know why I forgot those essential things!
So next time we decide to just up and leave with Jeff, I will have to take a little bit more time to think about what I am packing. =0

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