Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Daddy

Every good daddy lets their little girl do this to them:

and also let's his wife take pictures of him and put them on her blog. =)
Lily thinks it is super fun to "do Daddy's hair".
She also likes to put lip gloss on him.
And for some reason cover his head with her blankets and put a shark on top of his head......
I don't think I will be visiting her salon anytime soon. =)
She did this to him last week.
The other night I saw her come down the stairs with all of her hair things
and I thought she was going to ask him to let her do it again.
Instead, she asked him to do her hair.
That didn't last too long though, she quickly wanted to do his again.....
so much more fun to do Daddy's hair!
On another note......
Lily is VERY fond of her purple lip gloss.
We see her like this a lot lately:
Sometimes with it more on her cheeks than on her actual lips,
but she thinks she looks beautiful, and that's all that matters. ;-)

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  1. Jeff looks beautiful ;0)-

    Nice shades too!