Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Picking Peaches

Number 13 on our summer list was picking fresh fruit.
While we could have counted picking the watermelon from our own garden,
we decided to go to a peach orchard and pick peaches.
We went to Sergeant's Berry Farm in Haysville.
The kids' favorite part (I think) was getting to eat the first peach they picked.

We tried to help them pick ripe ones, but Lily liked to just pull them off of the tree.

It was really hot the day we went.
But then the sky started to turn gray......
That was OK, it was starting to cool off.

Then it started sprinkling.
That was OK too.
It was actually refreshing.

Then it started POURING!!!
That was not so much fun.
Luckily there were some workers in the same part of the orchard we were in, so they helped us pick ripe peaches quickly so we had some to take home.
Then we rode back to the barn.......

soaking wet!
Poor Lily was so cold.
We were going to pick blackberries too, but we did not get to do that.
We did get plenty of peaches though!
One whole box full.

We made peach crisp out of some of them.


The kids were eating them like crazy!!
I had bought some fruit fresh so I could freeze some,
but I wasn't sure I was going to have any left to freeze!
They ate them for breakfast and with lunch, and in between.
I am glad that they like peaches so much.
I was able to freeze some, so now we have a yummy cold treat for these very hot days!
Next time we will have to get more!

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