Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Cider, S'mores, and Sleeping in a Tent

We finally got to cross off "sleeping in a tent" from our Summer List last night...... sort of.
Since it had been SO hot and Jeff didn't feel the need to sleep outside when it only got down to eighty some degrees (and I say Jeff, because I don't sleep outside no matter what the temperature is) we didn't get to cross that off of our list. Since the weather has been so beautiful lately, Jeff thought it would be a good idea to camp out now.
We started off by making a fire and having hot apple cider and making s'mores!

If you have never had a s'more made with Reese's peanut butter cups, you must try one. Delicious!!!!

After the kids finished their cider & s'mores, we settled them into the tent to watch "Spooky Buddies".

While the kids did that, Jeff & I sat by the fire and drank something a little more adult than cider..... ;0)
After the movie, Jeff got in the tent with the kids and they all fell fast asleep. Then 2 hours later, (around 11:00) Jeff got up and realized that it was really cold out there! So, he brought them all in the house and laid them down in the family room.

Not one of them woke up!

Until 3 am, when Riley & Lily came upstairs to our room. This was how that conversation went:

Lily: "Riley is snoring so loud he woke me up!!" Riley: "No! Your snoring woke me up!" Lily: "No, it was your snoring!!" Me: "Let's go back downstairs and go to sleep."
30 minutes later...... Lily:"MOM! Riley keeps snoring right next to me!!" Me: "Let's put you in your bed so he doesn't do that anymore." (and to myself: so I can finish sleeping without you coming in and yelling at me....)

So, even though they didn't get to sleep outside all night, they did get to sleep in the tent. =)

I think they all had fun even though there was all of that snoring going on. ;0)

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