Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Pictures

I took the kids' pictures in August, but it was SO hot (even at 8:00 at night) which made the kids (and me) kind of (really) cranky. So, I wasn't super happy with the pictures. A few weekends ago I decided to take them to Riverside Park and get their pictures taken again. I'm glad they are so cooperative with me and my obsessive picture taking. =) (A bribe of a surprise at the end doesn't hurt either.)
So, here are the pictures of the kids that I took:

(By this time, Lily had ripped her tights, and Jeff had to keep turning them to keep the rips out of the picture.)

I really wanted Lily up there too, but she refused to get in the tree. (It was kind of high up.) But, I'm glad she didn't want to now, because it turned into a cute "brothers" picture. =)

Zach did not want to get out of the tree.....


  1. Those turned out sooooooooooooo great!! I LOVE the ones with their reflections in the water - so cool!


  2. Beautiful pics of beautiful kiddos! Great job master photo taker :0)