Thursday, October 20, 2011


I feel like I have not been posting very many things lately. It's not that I haven't wanted to, I just haven't had anything really to post. We have been busy, but not with anything particularly exciting. So, while this post will not really be exciting, it does have things that we have been doing the last few weeks. I have properly warned you. ;0)

I have seen Lily line her princesses up like this several times now and take pictures of them. She tells them they are pretty while she does it too.

A couple of weeks ago at Riley's scout meeting, Jeff used a map he had printed out at work to show the scouts how to locate their houses on a map. When they got home, Riley asked Jeff to make it into a paper airplane.

That was one giant paper airplane!!

And yes, Riley dressed himself. "Their both blue mom! They match!" ;0) (And no I didn't let him go anywhere but the backyard dressed like that!)
We are getting a new roof put on our house next week because it looks like this:

So far the process has been pretty painless. Let's hope it stays that way.

This giant bag of clothes came from Riley's closet. They are going to my sister Mary's house to her son. Don't worry, Riley won't be naked. He just got a giant bag of clothes from my sister Dianna, and clothes from Zach that he outgrew. (Don't feel too bad for Riley, he does get new clothes too.)

In the last week everyone except Jeff had to get a new coat or jacket. OK, I didn't have to get a new just wanted me to buy it. At least that's what I told Jeff......

We (Jeff) volunteered to be Popcorn Kernels for the Boy Scouts again. So, all of this popcorn (which is for the show & sell) will sit in our house until the beginning of December. Yeah..... (can you hear my excitement???)

My rosebushes are still blooming!

And finally, this is where I find Lily 90% of the time when Zach is home:

She just grabs a blanket, and climbs on top of him and snuggles up. And he never says a word to make her get off of him. Such a good big brother. :0)

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  1. Super cute pics!! Thanks for the clothes BTW =)

    I love the one with Lily being a photographer like her mommy!!