Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Projects

Camden came over yesterday for some fun pumpkin projects. We made pumpkin patches, "stained glass" pumpkins, and pumpkin counting books.

We did pumpkin patches first. We used green construction paper for the grass and the brown construction paper for the vines. I cut out leaves from green felt and then used orange puff balls for the pumpkins.

They made their books next, but I forgot to take pictures of that. They had to count out pumpkin stickers for each page and put the right number on each page.

The last project was the "stained glass" pumpkins. I cut out an outline of a pumpkin from black construction paper. We laid one outline on contact paper, then Camden & Lily used orange napkins (because I couldn't find orange tissue paper) to fill in the outline.

Then they laid another outline on top of that and Dianna & I helped put the second layer of contact paper on top of that, then cut out the outline.

Lily's went up on our sliding glass door so the sun will come through it in the morning. =)
Here are the pumpkin patches. Aren't they cute??

And here is Lily's book:

Thanks Camden for coming over! Lily had fun with you!!

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