Saturday, October 29, 2011

Souting Fun

On Monday, Riley's scout troop took a field trip to the fire station. Since Jeff had just come down with pneumonia, I got to be the leader. I forgot my camera, so I took pictures with my phone. So these pictures are not good at all. Oh well.

The boys got to go through the fire station and see where the fire fighters work, and where they eat, and watch tv. Then they got to go out and see the fire truck!

They showed the boys how everything worked and they even had the dispatcher do a practice alarm and they got to see what happens when they get a call for a fire.

They all had a great time!

Then on Tuesday (I forgot my camera again.....), the boys had their monthly Pack Meeting for Boy Scouts. They get awards that they have earned during this meeting. Zach got 2 belt loops one for shooting and one for archery. He earned these at summer camp. The only picture I got of him was so blurry, you couldn't see him. :0(

This is Jeff with his Boy Scout Troop:

(Riley is the one with his hand on his Mario hat.) They all got their beads that they wear on their shirt. They start earning them by doing activities during their meetings. They will continue to earn more beads as the year goes on.

Since it is close to Halloween, they had a Halloween themed meeting, The kids all got to wear their costumes, and they played a game where they wrapped each other up as mummies. The team who wrapped their person up the fastest wins! They did this several times, so all of our kids got to be a mummy at some point during the game. Even Lily got to do it!

SO much fun!! =) The boys really enjoy scouting and they get to do lots of fun things throughout the year!

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