Monday, October 3, 2011

New Swing Set

I am SO glad that I have a very handy husband! This was our swing set Saturday afternoon:

We bought this swing set for the kids shortly after we moved into this house (4 1/2 years ago). So, you would think that it would not be falling apart. You would be wrong. The playhouse with the slide is still fine, but the part with the swings and the monkey bars was not safe for the kids to play on anymore. So, on Saturday, we headed to Menard's (where I listened to Lily sing the "Save Big Money" song over and over for more than 2 hours.....) and we got everything we needed to fix the swing set. (almost)
When we made it back home, Jeff took the swing set apart:

Then he opened his new toy, I mean saw, and he and Zach put it together.

This is the kids helping Jeff:

They are standing on the boards while he drills the holes for the monkey bars.

After a trip to Lowe's (for some unexpected extra stuff), Jeff got the monkey bars put together and the top part of the swing set up!

I think the kids are starting to lose interest in helping Dad right about now......

but I don't think he really cares........

While Jeff was working hard, this is what I was doing:

Planting mums. And by planting, I mean I took them out of the pot they came in and put them in my own. I'm talented that way. ;0)

The kids decided to help again when they saw a hammer being used:

Lily didn't use the hammer, she just tested out the new ladder rungs.

The last thing to go on where the swings!

Zach tested out the monkey bars and they worked great!

The kids love that they get to play on their swing set again!

Jeff did a really good job of making it a lot more secure. He used galvanized pipe for the monkey bars and the ladder rungs instead of the wood that had been there. He also used more heavy-duty wood for the ladder and the part that holds the swings, so this should last much longer and be a lot safer for the kids!!

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