Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party!

Yesterday, Lily & I had a Halloween Party with all of her pre-school age cousins! Lily & I decorated the house with lots of fun Halloween things and then set out some yummy snacks!

After Ares, Camden, & Johnny got to our house, we played our first game; Halloween Bingo!

I don't have any pictures of them playing the game, because I forgot to take pictures.
After the bingo game, we played Pin the Tail on the Cat! The mask was a cat face!

They all did a great job getting the tail near the back of the cat!

Then it was time for snacks!!

(Do you see Jeff in the background on the couch? He has walking pneumonia. :0( He isn't feeling too great.)
After our yummy snacks, we headed outside to hit the ghost pinata!!

Ares knocked the candy out of the pinata!!

Lily got quite the haul!

Our last fun activity was an art project making pictures with foam Halloween stickers.

The fun didn't end there though, everyone got a treat bag on the way out the door.

I hope everyone had a fun time at the Halloween Party! Lily is already planning her next one. ;0)

Thank you Dianna, Mary, and Kathleen for the yummy/fun things you brought!!

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  1. It was so much FUN!! Thanks for a great and spooky party!