Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Craft Fun!

On Saturday, we headed to the library where they had some fun Christmas crafts to make. You could also see Santa! So, for the second time that day, the kids took a picture with Santa. (The other time was at Lily's recital.)

We just took a group picture this time. =)
After a yummy snack, the kids headed to the craft tables. The first craft they made was an igloo out of a cup, cotton, and marshmallows.

I don't have any other pictures of this craft. =(

After that one, we got stuff to make snowmen.

It was 3 small paper plates hooked together with white pipe cleaners. There were tiny holes already punched out to put the pipe cleaners in. The arms were black pipe cleaners, and you could choose either red or green pipe cleaners for the headband part of the ear muffs. Then they had white puff balls for the rest of the ear muffs. The nose & boots were constructions paper, and they had pre-cut fabric for scarves.

They turned out really cute!

On Monday, we had craft day with Lily's preschool age cousins. We made Rudolph out of tracings of their hands and one foot on construction paper. We also decorated foam gingerbread men.

They used puff paint, wiggly eyes, and Christmas beads to decorate the gingerbread men.

They did a good job & they all turned out really cute!

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