Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting Ready For Christmas!

Yesterday, we spent most of the day baking. We made Jeff's favorite cookies from childhood; Wafer Cookies. The kids love them too! We also made peanut clusters, and peanut blossoms. Yum!!

The kids are a big help. ;0) It is fun to listen to Christmas music and bake together!!

Later on in the evening, Jeff built a big fire:

We had hot chocolate, and apples with yummy peanut butter & caramel dip and watched a movie. (Can you tell we are a peanut loving family??)

I just had to get a picture of them all sitting in front of the fire and tree before the movie though.

We do have stockings, but Jeff did not want them up with the fire going... in case you were wondering. :0)

Also this past week, the boys had their Christmas Program at school. Riley did a great job singing with his class! He must have been tired though, because the poor guy was yawning throughout the entire thing!

Zach did a great job too!

He even had a duet!

It was with his best friend Cody, so that made it even more special!

Only one more week before Christmas. The kids are getting very excited. Lily tells me how many days are left every night before bed. =) We still have lots of parties to get to this week. Hopefully we aren't all Christmased out before it gets here! ;0)

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