Thursday, December 29, 2011

Life-Sized Candy Land Game

On Tuesday, we went to the library to play the life-sized Candy Land game they had set up! The boys had a lot of fun!

Aunt Amy was there too. She was the librarian calling out the colors for the kids to go to on the "board". Each child was a piece on the board and they walked to the color that they drew.

Two news stations were there taking video of the game! Channel 3 & 10 were there.

They got to play twice. Poor Riley didn't get very far on the board either time. He kept saying, "The board doesn't like me, and I don't like the board." He's so funny. Zach cracked us all up too when he asked, "Hey! Isn't Candy Land copyrighted??" Aunt Amy explained to him why the library could use it. (something about not charging to play, so they could.)

During the second game Zach was just a few squares away from winning.

But then he had to go all the way back to the beginning because he drew the gingerbread man card which was close to the start. =( He was a really good sport about it though.
After the game, they went over to the craft tables. First, they made King Kandy crowns.

Then they made scepters using pretzels, frosting, and sprinkles.

They had a lot of fun playing candy land as the pieces and making fun and yummy crafts afterwards. They also got to be on the news! On channel 3 you could see them for a few seconds playing the game, and on channel 10 you could see them doing crafts in the background. They were pretty excited to be on TV! =)

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