Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lily's Dance Recital

Lily had her first dance recital on Saturday. She takes both tap and ballet, so she got to perform two dances! She was super excited too. Lily has never been one to get up early. Her idea of getting up early is 8:45. So, when she came into our room before 7:30, we knew she was excited about dancing.

I took her to her dance room, and helped her get her tutu on. When I saw her teacher, Miss Katie, I went to sit with Jeff & the boys. Grandma & Grandpa Logan and Grammy & Granddad Ramsey were there too. (Thanks for coming to support Lily. She loved that you were there!)
I wasn't sure how Lily would react when she saw all of those people. I was afraid she might freeze up.

I had absolutely nothing to worry about! She was all smiles and even jumped and waved when she saw all of us.

She did a great job!! So did the rest of the girls in her class. She has a really good group of girls that she gets to dance with every week.

After her ballet dance, they all went back into the classroom where we changed them into their tap shoes. When it was their turn, they were all smiles again.

They did great with their tap dance too. Lily was having SO much fun!!

It was so fun to watch them and it was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. (But I might be biased...) ;0)

Lily is now going to start learning her dance for her spring recital. She is super excited that she gets to dance in a real dance costume for that one!

Good job Lily!! We are so proud of you!

****After Lily's dance, we went over to see Santa who was there. Lily could not wait to see him!

The boys were excited too!

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  1. SUPER CUTE LILY! Great Job! Maybe you can show us some of your dance moves when we stop by tomorrow for craft day!!