Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zach's Birthday

Zach couldn't wait for his actual Birthday to come. So when I woke him up with a "Happy Birthday!", he jumped out of bed. This is not usual for Zach. ;0)
Jeff had taken a half day off of work because we had to pick up Boy Scout Popcorn to sort out and give to all of the scouts, so he got to come with me to Zach's class to celebrate his Birthday there. Zach had requested dirt in a cup with worms. It was a hit in his class!
After school, Zach got to open his presents from Jeff & I.

He got some new Bakugans......

an new DS game that he has been wanting. (I think Riley might be more excited than Zach on this one......) ;0) And....

his very own camera!

He was pretty excited about this one. He had been asking and asking for it. He even reminded me a few days before his Birthday that he really, really wanted one.

We went out to Red Robin's for dinner. After dinner we had a peanut butter and chocolate pie. It was SO good!

I think he had a pretty good Birthday!

Zach had wanted to go to Wendy's for his Birthday, but then changed his mind to Red Robin's, so we got Wendy's for lunch the next day. He really likes to dip his french fries in their frosties. (yuck!)

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  1. I love Ri's face in that one pic!! Zach is a pretty lucky kid!! I asked him what he got for his B-day from you guys and he said - "Everything I wanted!!" I said "well I guess they don't need to get you anything for Christmas then" He said "well not everything I guess" LOL