Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Christmas Parties!

Both of the boys had their school Christmas Parties on Wednesday morning. I'm Zach's Room Parent, so I was in his room. Lily was excited to come too!

The kids all made a wreath ornament craft and did a Christmas word search. Santa also dropped by with some treats for the kids!

After the kids got all of their yummy snacks, I snuck over to Riley's room to say hi to him.

He was enjoying some yummy snacks too and showed me the fun craft he got to make. All three kids had fun at the parties!

Then in the afternoon, we went to the party the kids have been waiting for all month; Jeff's work party. Now I realize that doesn't sound too fun, but it really is. Jeff's boss realizes that a lot of us have kids, and it is hard for some people to get sitters, so a few years ago, he started making the Christmas party at The Alley so everyone could bring their kids. So nice!!

They get to go bowling (I didn't actually take any pictures of them bowling though...), eat pizza, and drink pop!

The boys also get to ride the go-karts!!

(Sorry for the picture quality...I took all of these with my cellphone.)

The kids have SO much fun!! And Jeff & I get to talk to all of the adults since the kids are busy with all of the activities. =)
Now all of our parties are over. So today, we are enjoying the first day of Christmas break by making crafts, reading Christmas books, and watching Christmas movies. =)

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