Monday, June 25, 2012

Ceri & Brigid's Baptism

Yesterday, Jeff & I had the honor of becoming our niece Rachel & her husband Kyle's twin girls' Godparents.
Jeff is Ceridwen's Godfather:

I am Brigid's Godmother:

I gave my camera to my sister Amy to take pictures for me.
She thought it would be funny to put this picture of her & her husband Sam on my camera:  

(Didn't think I would put this on my blog did you, Amy?) ;0)
She also took this cute picture of my boys:

Zach holding onto Riley's shirt, so he stays with him. :0)
Ceri was baptized first. Her Godmother is Kyle's cousin, April.

Then it was Brigid's turn. Her Godfather is Kyle's brother, Darren.

All of the Godparents & the pretty babies:

Ceri & Brigid with their proud parents & their big brother Ares:

Rachel & Kyle, thank you for entrusting us with the honor of being your childrens' Godparents.  


  1. OMG those girls look precious in their dresses and shoes!! They are just too cute :0)