Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Lily!

Five Things About Our 5 Year Old:

1. You are a very girly-girl. If it is sparkly, glittery, pink, or about princesses, you like it.

2. You love to talk! Sometimes you will talk, and talk, and talk about anything & everything. :0)

3. You love to learn. You like it when Zach gives you addition problems to solve, and you love to be read to and to "read" to us. You can't wait for Kindergarten to start in a few months!

4. You think you are the boss of this house, and that you can tell your brothers what to do. (That's probably because a lot of the time, they do, do what you say....)

5. You love to sing! You love to sing along to the radio, and you know most of the songs to your favorite princess movies.

Lily, you are growing up way too fast for me. I want you to be my little baby girl forever, but you've proven that's not going to happen. :0) You are becoming so independent and you seem like you have gotten "old" over night. You make me laugh with your silliness and melt my heart with your love. You are such a bright light in our lives. We love you Lily! Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Lily!!