Saturday, June 9, 2012

Last Days At Disney

Our last few days at Disney were full of doing things we hadn't gotten to earlier in the week. We started out by going back to Hollywood Studios.

We rode on a cool Star Wars ride that Jeff had wanted to go on.

Then we went to the stunt car show that we missed the first time we were at Hollywood Studios. It was really cool!

After the show, we headed over to Animal Kingdom. The first time we were there is was raining, and we didn't get to walk around the Tree of Life, so we started there.

Then, since we liked the safari ride so much, we rode it again!

Ostrich eggs!

After the safari, we headed back to the condo so Lily could get ready to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! Inside Cinderella's castle, there is a boutique where little girls can get their hair, make-up, and nails done by Fairy Godmothers in training. =) Lily was super excited. (So was her mommy...) She picked out a Cinderella dress for this since it was in Cinderella's castle.
She got her very own Fairy Godmother in training!

She started with her hair. She put all sorts of goop in her hair to make it stay back.

The hair style that Lily picked out came with a tiara. She got to choose the color of the rhinestones in it. She chose pink, of course. 

Then she got to choose between pink nail polish and blue nail polish. Again, she chose pink. :0)

After her nails were done, she got a make-up pallet and chose the color of her eye shadow and lip gloss.

The final touch was a wave of a magical wand to get pixie dust on her hair.

She also got a royal sash to wear!

Checking herself out in the mirror:

She also got a Cinderella bag that had the make-up pallet that was used on her, both pink & blue nail polishes, princess stickers, and more face jewel stickers.
Princess Lily:

She was so excited to show Jeff & the boys! They thought she was beautiful!
And what were the boys doing that whole time? They discovered Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards! Each day you can get a new pack of cards that has a key card to open "portals" throughout the park. 

There is also a map to help you find where the portals are. When you show your key card, an image shows up. Then it tells you what you need to do to defeat one of the Disney villains.

You have to choose which magical spell card you want to use on the villain to defeat them, then hold that card up. Then it tells you where you need to go next to defeat the next villain. They did all of the ones in the Fantasyland section of the park while Lily & I were at the boutique. They had so much fun doing it!

Since Lily was all princessed up, she wanted to see some princesses again. So, we headed back to the main Princess area to see Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella.

This time the boys wanted their pictures taken too! The princesses kept calling them knights that were protecting their sister. :0)

I just love this picture!

After all of the princess pictures, we went back to Hollywood Studios (we got our money's worth out of those park hopper passes this day!) to watch Fantasmic! It is a laser light show. It was really good. They had actual characters, but they also had lights showing pictures on water that was shooting up in the air.

The whole thing was a story about how Mickey likes good dreams, but the Disney villains wanted to take that away from Mickey. He ended up defeating the villains! Yeah Mickey! Then it was off to bed for this very tired family.

Our last day at Disney World, was spent all at Magic Kingdom. Lily knew that Tiana, The Frog Princess was there, but she had not seen her yet. So, we stood in line to see her & the boys went off to ride a ride. I had packed one of her princess dresses this day, but she said that she wanted to stay in her green dress because Tiana's dress was green. :0)

By the time that we got to see Tiana, the boys were back, and when Tiana saw them, she told them to get over there to take a picture with her! 

Next up was one of the only rides we hadn't ridden yet; Splash Mountain.

Then it started raining. But that didn't stop us! We rode some more rides, and finished Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom quests in all of the sections of the park. Then we watched the Rainy Day Parade, since it was still raining.

Goofy gave the boys fives!

I just included this picture because I loved all of the characters made out of bushes throughout the parks.

While we were at Disney World, we let the kids pick out souvenirs. One of the things we let them pick out was a Christmas ornament. Every year, they get to pick out a new ornament before Christmas and I write their name and the year on it. Jeff & I decided that it would be fun if their ornament came from Disney this year. These are the ornaments they picked out.
Riley picked out one that has all of the characters from Disney:

Zach's has mouse ears and has the main symbol for each of the 4 parks:

And Lily picked out a Princess one, of course:

And that was our last day at Disney. Six fun-filled, days. =)


  1. I read all of your posts so far about your vacation. What a WONDERFUL time! Such a happy week I am sure. Thanks for sharing

    P.S. I thought you also went to Sea World


  2. We did go to Sea World. We went after we left Disney. I'll try to post Aboit it tomorrow. Hope you're having fun on vacation!!