Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012!!

Last week, we had our 2nd annual Summer Olympics! Last year, my sister Dianna made up several events to make up our own Olympics and she decided she was brave enough to hold it again this summer. So, we all gathered at my sister Amy's house and got ready for some fun!
The whole place was decorated with signs, balloons, flags, and even torches!

Cody pinned everyone's number on....

Some of the kids made their own Olympic bracelets....

and I put sticker tattoos of flags or USA on their cheeks.

We couldn't forget the babies! They got numbers too! But I think Brigid was more interested in eating her number than wearing it. ;0)

The first event was the 100 yard dash!

They all did great!!
Next up was the egg race. They had to be careful running with those eggs!

Ceri was enjoying watching those big kids running around under the shade of her watermelon hat!

The obstacle course was next. First they had to ride down the driveway on a scooter:

Then they had to go through the tire swing:

And then hit a ball off of a tee:

After that was going under this rope:

Then running around this tree:

And then running through the wading pool:

After the pool was a little hula hooping:

And jumping over this giant ball:

Throwing this ball into the basket was next:

And the grand finale of the obstacle course was the Slip and Slide!!

Lily thought she should use Aunt Dianna's mega-phone tell people to go during the course. :0)

We took a break from running around to have the talent portion of the day. Only Ares, Lily, and Taby & Alyssa participated in this.
Ares rocked out with his guitar.

Lily did a dance to her favorite song, "Firework".

And Taby & Alyssa did a cheer!

Next was shooting. If you didn't want to shoot, there was a bean bag toss into the Olympic rings.

All of the older boys wanted to shoot. Granddad helped out with this part.

The targets were squirrels. If you know Granddad, then you'll know why these were the targets. hee hee. 

The funniest part of the day was the quick change event! Each kid had their own bag of clothes they had to put on as fast as they could. They didn't have to be on right, they just had to be on. The bras made it especially funny. =)

After the quick change was potato sack races!! I love this event!

They all did a good job of hopping!!
Miss Emma was out there too during the day, but I don't think she really cared about what was going on. :0)

Next up was the balloon toss. These two did a great job! Carson & Kael were partners and they kept it going the longest!!

Then it was time for the relay race, complete with Olympic torches!

Here's the hand off....

The yummiest part of the day was the pie eating contest! Aunt Mary made yummy chocolate pies with whipped cream for the kids to use.

Since there were 12 kids competing, we decided to split them up into two groups. The big kids went first.

Zach was the winner of the big kids' contest!

Then it was time for the little kids. (Some of these kids would not like being called "little" though.) ;0)

Kael won this round!

Look at those faces!!

Even Ceri got a little whipped cream! Yum!

The last event was the tug of war.

Then it was time for the grand finale, the part of the day that the kids had been waiting for; Silly String!!!

After this was lunch, more slip and slide, and popsicles!!
This day was SO much fun for everyone, but especially the kids! Thank you to everyone who helped out with bringing things, but the biggest thanks goes to Dianna who did the majority of the work!!! The kids can't wait until next year!


  1. GREAT pics! No wonder you always get "hired" for this job every year! Looking forward to the other 210 photos you took :0)

    Thanks for ALL your help!!!! It was fun.

  2. It was a lot of FUN!!! I think Dianna did a great job, but that photographer was a little off - I think she had too
    many Jello cups =P JK
    awesome pics as always!!

  3. Love everything about this post!