Friday, June 8, 2012

Magic Kingdom

On Wednesday, we went to my favorite park, Magic Kingdom. A few years ago, when we went to Disneyland, I took this picture of the kids in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle:

Look how little they were! =)
This is the picture I took of them last week in front of Cinderella's castle:

This picture took considerably less time than the first one since they can sit still longer now. =)
And here's their fronts, in case you wanted to see their faces:

And I had to throw this one in because her pose cracks me up. This is her "princess pose". 

After our photo shoot, Jeff took the boys to ride big kid rides, and Lily & I walked through the castle and saw these 3 on the other side!

Cinderella's stepmother & stepsisters! They told Lily her mouse ears looked better with the veil over the ears. ;0)

After we left them, we looked at the times guide to see if there were any other characters she wanted to see. That's when we saw Rapunzel was there! Lily LOVES Rapunzel. She was very sad that I had forgotten to pack her Rapunzel dress though. :0( I told her she looked like a princess without it, so that made it better. ;0) Before she got to see Rapunzel, she got to see Paschal, her chameleon.

Rapunzel was SO nice. She asked Lily if she was a princess or a mouse. Lily assured her she was a princess, she just had mouse ears on her hat. So, Rapunzel put Lily's mouse ears on her head! Lily thought that was so funny!

I am so glad she got to see her, she was one of the princesses that she really wanted to meet. The other princess that she really wanted to see was Ariel. We got in line to see her right before she took a break. Whew!

I only have pictures of Lily hugging Ariel. She hugged all of the princesses, but then she would pose with them. But she would not let go of Ariel. Seriously. I had to practically drag her away.
After Ariel & Prince Eric, we met up with Jeff & the boys who were in line to see Pirate Goofy!

Since the boys had on their pirate shirts, and they had their pirate mouse hats on, I had to take another picture of them in front of the Pirates of the Caribbean flag!

After all of that picture taking, we rode rides together, and then went to see this show in front of the castle:

It was really cute & Lily and I loved it, but Jeff & the boys did not stay for it. Apparently riding Space Mountain is more fun than watching characters dancing around. ;0)
While we waited for the boys to find us, Lily & I wandered into this store & Lily had to get her picture taken in front of Princess Minnie!

After the boys found us, Riley informed me that he really wanted his picture taken while trying to pull the sword from the stone. So, we headed over to it so he could give it a try.

Then we caught the end of the afternoon parade!

After the parade, we headed to the train. We had ridden it halfway around the park one day, but Riley wanted to ride it the whole way, so we got on to ride all the way around the park!

As we were coming back to the front of the park, Riley saw Pluto out front and said we had to hurry to get in line to take a picture with him. By the time we got out front, he was gone. =( But, Chip & Dale were there! Riley decided that they were just as good as Pluto, so he got his picture taken with them instead.

Lily kissed Dale's nose:

Even Zach posed with them!

After that, we headed back to the condo to rest up for another fun filled day!

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