Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lily's Birthday Party

Lily's 5th Birthday isn't until the 27th, but we had her Birthday party with our families yesterday. We rented a Princess Bouncy Castle!! It even had a water slide inside of it!

Lily was excited about the water slide.....

...until she climbed to the top. Then she decided she did not want to do it.
So she came back down. 

The boys, on the other hand, LOVED the water slide!

Lily liked bouncing:

She finally decided to go down the slide after we turned the water off. She didn't like the water going in her face, so with it off, she slid down!

Then Aunt Mary brought over Lily's cake!

An Ariel cake, to go along with the princess theme.

We also got cupcakes with princess rings on top.

When everyone got to our house, the kids jumped in the bouncy castle, and swam in the pool in the backyard. We had a yummy lunch, and then the kids were back outside.
After awhile, we had the kids dry off and we watched Lily open her presents!

She got so many cute presents! Thanks everyone!!
After presents, was cake!

Before Lily headed back outside, we had her try on one of the presents she got. Aunt Mary had gotten her this Merida (the new Brave princess) dress & wig. She was too cute in it!! (This is also her "Princess pose") ;0)

Then we put the wig on Brigid. I had to include this picture because she is just too adorable in this. Doesn't she look like a little doll??? So funny. :0)

Lily said she had the best time at her party! We had the bouncy castle until 8:45, and the kids were in there bouncing until the end. They were pretty worn out!
Thank you everyone who came and helped make her day special. =)

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  1. She is so pretty!!!! Looks like a oh-so-fun party!