Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Disney World!

Sunday was our first full day in Florida, we got our Mickey shirts on, and headed to Walt Disney World!

We had park hopper passes, so we could go to all of the parks, but we decided to start out at Magic Kingdom. Once you get to the parking lot, you still have to either ride the monorail or the ferry boat to get to the actual park. The kids decided that the ferry boat was the way to go.

We made it!

Lily's first stop was the princesses. We put on her Rapunzel dress that she picked out to wear when she saw them, and got in line for what was supposed to be a (relatively) short wait of 25 minutes. Since it was so short, Jeff & the boys decided to wait with us.
Here is Lily ready to meet princesses!

It was a little longer than 25 minutes....
I asked the boys to show me how they felt about still being in line for the princesses, and this is what they did:

Ha ha! I love Zach's look, but I think I like Riley's better. He is just too happy about Zach's misery. Hee hee! =)

We finally made it in & the very first princess we saw was one of Lily's favorites! Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty.

She was SO excited!!! She was practically floating, she was so happy. =) 

Belle was next:

All of the princesses were so nice. They took time to talk to Lily and hug her and really make her feel special.

The last princess she saw was Cinderella. She even got to dance with her!

If you ask Lily what her favorite part of Disney was, she will say, "The Princesses!!" every time. =)

Next up was Mickey & Minnie!! Jeff had gotten fast passes for them while we waited for the Princesses. It worked out perfectly. We had about 5 minutes between seeing the princesses and then getting to see Mickey & Minnie, so we took a quick picture of all three of the kids while waiting.

Mickey & Minnie!!!

After making the boys wait in line for so long, we decided we should go do something they really wanted to do. One of their favorite rides from Disneyland was Pirates of the Caribbean, so that's where we went.

Their favorite part this time was seeing how many Jack Sparrows they could find.

After a few more rides, it was time for a treat; ice cream with Mickey ears!

Then we watched the "Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Parade!"

When you are at Magic Kingdom, you just have to have your picture taken in front of the castle. I think it's a rule. ;0)

Then it was time for Lily's favorite ride from Disneyland; It's a Small World. 

She still loved it.......and the boys still weren't impressed.
After that, we went on the carousel!

While heading to more rides, Lily saw that the new Disney princess, Merida from the movie Brave, was there, she just had to get in line to see her too. She even had to change back into her princess dress. The boys quickly went off with Jeff to ride things Lily can't ride before they were stuck in line again.
While waiting in line, the kids could color pictures of Merida. Lily gave her picture to Merida. =) 

After getting her picture taken, she was able to practice shooting a bow & arrow!

After more rides, we went to go pick out the kids' mouse hats. This time, the boys picked out pirate hats:

Lily picked out a princess hat, of course.

After that, we went back to the condo to have dinner & just rest for a little bit. Then we headed over to Epcot to ride some rides, including this Finding Nemo ride:

When it started to get dark, we found a spot to watch the fireworks. Lily was very tired by this time:

The fireworks at Disney are always good!

After the fireworks, we headed back to the condo with three very tired kids (and two tired adults) so we could rest up for another fun day!

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