Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve

After we got back from the Logan Christmas, we got dressed up for Christmas Eve mass.

After mass and a festive dinner of Spangles (What? Doesn't everyone eat fast food after Christmas Eve mass??), we let the kids open their Christmas Eve present:

I think next year, I might put them in 3 boxes.....

They got new jammies, hot chocolate, and a treat.
After they watched a movie with their hot chocolate & treat in their jammies, we read The Night Before Christmas and then set out milk & cookies for Santa.

Before I headed to bed, I got a rare picture of "Santa" eating a cookie & drinking milk though!!!

The presents didn't show up until this "Santa" was fast asleep though..... ;0)

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  1. Good lookin kiddos! I love that tradition you have of jammies and cocoa!