Monday, December 9, 2013

Elfie is back!!

Elfie is BACK!! He came back on December 1st with candy canes for the kids and a note saying that he was back from the North Pole to watch over the kids and to report back to Santa!

He is also back to his crazy antics!

He made marshmallow snowmen one day & used Barbie accessories!

One morning, we found him & two Barbies playing Candy Land:

He was making his list for Santa one time too:

Then that crazy elf was skiing with candy canes down our tree!

Batman got into the action by having a snowball fight with Elfie:

Elfie was in the lead during this sack race!!

And this morning, we woke up to Elfie Tee-peeing our tree!!

That silly Elfie!!

Like last year though, he was a good elf & always cleaned up his mess while we weren't looking and then hung out somewhere else during the day:

Stay tuned for more Elfie updates!


  1. I like Elfie sleeping in the doll house!

  2. Elfie you crazy Rascal you!! ;0) He does the BEST stuff! I bet the kids just love him. Can't wait to see more.