Monday, December 16, 2013

More Elfie Antics!

Elfie has had some a crazy things going on since the last time I posted! It started off bright and early Tuesday morning with Elfie floating in his very own hot air balloon!!

He must have been on reindeer "duty" the next day, because he brought back a friend and had to clean up after him! :-0

On Thursday morning, we found him hula hooping with a Barbie ballerina using glow sticks.  

T-Rex played a game of UNO with Elfie on Friday: 

And then Elfie helped himself to some hot cocoa and cookies!!

Elfie must have known it was going to warm up a bit here in Wichita, since he was relaxing in a swimsuit and sunglasses with some magazines on Sunday morning.

Then this morning, we found him climbing a candy cane rope!!

He is such a crazy elf!!

As usual, we found him in funny spots after he cleaned up his messes:

The kids can't wait to see what Elfie will do next!


  1. Almost makes me want an Elf on the Shelf. Such fun ideas! I had a friend who's elf was snuggling with Barbie in front of a play fire. It was too funny!

  2. too cute! i will have to explain the 'elf on a shelf' tradition to thomas