Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Decorating For Christmas!

We decorated for Christmas this past weekend. The kids all helped bring boxes up from the basement:

Riley helped get the lights sorted out:

Lily "helped" put the lights on the tree:

Lily & Riley waiting patiently to put their ornaments on: 

They each started with their favorite ornaments...

and then they were off in a mad dash to get their ornaments on the tree.

We had a few broken ornaments this year....
I don't know why they feel like it should be a race to put them on....

We got them all on though!! :0)

We have the rest of our decorations up, I have "my" tree up in the livingroom, and we have our outside lights up. We are all Christmas-y now!

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  1. LOVE getting to read all these updates esp now that I don't get to see you all as much. You are such a close family. I hope the kids appreciate that as they get older. Cooper and sometimes Carson are getting too cool for some things now :0(