Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Zach's Birthday!

Zach started his Birthday celebrations at school with a cookie cake!

Then Jeff came home a little early (because both boys had Boy Scout Meetings) so Zach could open his presents before heading out to dinner.

He got a Minecraft t-shirt, the 1st Hunger Games on DVD, a new book, and a gift card to one of his other favorite games, Wizard 101. He was pretty excited about all of his gifts!

After presents, we headed out to Golden Corral where Zach chose to eat. Not my favorite choice, but it was his Birthday... ;0)

Then Jeff & the boys headed to their meetings. After all of the meetings, we sang Happy Birthday to Zach with this red velvet & purple frosted cake. 

Zach was the only one who got cake though. It was 8:45 by the time we got around to actually cutting the cake & besides, Lily & Riley had had A LOT of dessert at Golden Corral.....

Zach said he had a great Birthday! He even got a free homework assignment from Sister Eloise (his teacher) so that made it even better!! :0)

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