Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Logan Christmas

On Christmas Eve morning, we headed over Jeff's parents' house for The Logan Family Christmas!
First, I had my kids pose with their grandparents:

We were a little early, so Riley helped Grandma fix breakfast. :0)

Elayne & Lily hanging out:

All of us!

After a yummy breakfast, it was time to open presents!!

We try to be a little organized about it (each family opens 1 present at a time starting with the youngest's [Richard's] family), but it is still pretty chaotic and loud. :0)

After all of the presents are opened, and all of the bags ands wrappings are cleaned up, we make another mess! This is the second year the grandkids have made gingerbread houses. This is a fun tradition that I hope continues!!

Before we left, we took a final picture of all of the grandkids with the Gary & Sheril.

Don't look too closely....they are all really dirty in this picture from breakfast, candy, and gingerbread house making. LOL!


  1. It looks like Lily is a little "jazzed" up from all the sugar with her smile ;0) The houses look adorable!...but my tummy hurts just looking at all that sugar and I LOVE sugar :0)

  2. It was a great Christmas./ Thanks for all your help/ supplies for the Gingerbread houses.