Monday, July 21, 2014

Branson Vacation

On Saturday, July 12th, we picked up Zach from All Saints were he had just gotten back from scout camp, brought him home, where he took a shower, and I sorted out his bag to take clothes to wash when we got to the condo and we headed to Branson! Jeff's parent's have a condo in Branson and they let us come with them to enjoy a week away!
We got there around 9:30 that night, so we just unpacked and put the kids to bed.
On Sunday, we let the kids swim while Zach's clothes were being washed, headed to the store to get food for the week. Later on we went to Ride the Ducks!

We got our quackers and got on the DUCW (an out of commission military vehicle that goes both on land and water). 

We drove around Branson and up into the mountains and saw this beautiful view!

Then we headed back down and the DUCW went into the water!

The captain lets the kids "drive" the boat when it's in the water, so each of the kids got a chance!

After Ride the Ducks, we went to Branson's winery; Stone Hill Winery for a tour and taste testing!

Those old wine barrels are huge!!
Zach thought he was being funny and was pretending to drink out of the spout. Weirdo. ;0)

They can call this a winery because they bottle wine here. They bottle white & blush sparkling wine. This was the demonstration:

After the tour, we got to taste test the wine. It was all yummy!

Finally, the moment the kids had been waiting for; tasting the sparkling juices! They tasted both raspberry & grape.

They liked both!
We bought the kids some and the cashier told us to our the raspberry over ice cream like a float, so we tried it last night & it was delicious!!

After dinner, we went to the Branson Landing. There are lots of shops and restaurants there and they have a nightly fountain and fire show.

Standing for the National Anthem:

Waiting for the show to start!

The kids really liked the show.
Afterwards, it was time to go back to the condo and get ready for our first day at Silver Dollar City!

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