Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sponge Bombs!

This is the third year in a row we have done sponge bombs. To see how I made them, go here:

I still have the same ones after three years, so they are pretty hardy!

Before the sponge bomb "war" began, the cousins got in a little loving each other time. :0)
Ceridwen with David:

Aunt Kathleen holding David with Ceridwen and Lily:

Emma being a dork. ;0)

Ceri & Emma loving on each other!

Then they began!
We had 4 buckets/bowls filled with water around the yard and they soaked the sponges in the water to throw at each other!

Ceri loved it & was right there with the big kids! Brigid did not like it and went off to play in Emma's playhouse. Emma tried it, but decided she didn't like ti either:

Lol! She's like, " can have this Lily...." hee hee

Ceri loved the water, so Lily dumped water on her:

Since Ceri liked it, Emma would like it too, right??

NOPE! I think this is where Emma went to go play with Brigid. :0)

The big kids just kept running around throwing sponges at each other and getting each other & themselves wet!

After Sponge bombs, Amy gave everyone popsicles/ice cream bars!
I'm so glad my kids get to do so many things with their cousins!

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  1. I like that it was at Amy's house. More room to run/hide/throw! Emma's facial expression's crack me up!! You always know exactly how she feels :0)