Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Fourth of July

Jeff & I took the kids to get fireworks on Wednesday night. Here is what we got:

The kids were pretty excited about their fireworks haul!

On the Fourth of July, the kids got dressed in their patriotic clothes & headed out to set those fireworks off!

Then Jeff went and got them more......

After setting off some more fireworks, we bagged up the rest plus their night works, and got swimsuits on to go over to my brother Tom's house for our celebration with family!

They went swimming & then went out front to set off more fireworks!

Then it was back to swimming!

Uncle Bill was showing the kids how to use the scuba tank. They thought that was pretty fun. :0)

After the second round of swimming, we all went to the front yard to set off the rest of the fireworks.

This is Zach's Frog Prince. He was so proud of this firework!!

It was really good!!

After the kids were done, we all settled in to watch the "big kids" (AKA adult males) do their fireworks.



It was a GREAT show and a great fourth!!


  1. Their july 4th outfits and swimsuits are adorable!! So glad everyone had a good time.