Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sprinklers, Swimming, and Cousins!

Last week, Emma, David, and Amy were over, so we broke out Lily's new Sprinkler Ball!!

The kids thought it was a lot of fun!

Emma was a little leery of the sprinkler, but when Lily & Riley made the water stop, she thought it was safe.....

It wasn't!

She stayed a safe distance from it after that. ;0)

David was more interested in eating than playing in the sprinkler. :0)

Emma is just as big as those two boys! ;0)

Then Lily, Zach, and Riley decided to dry out on their towels.

After a short stint on Lily's towel, Emma thought it would be more fun to jump over the kids. Hee hee!

On Monday, we went over to my brother Tom's house to swim in his pool with some of my family.

Lots of fun and laughing that day!!
Afterwards, we stopped off and got ice cream!

(Zach got ice cream too, he was just in the front seat with me.)
We are loving these summer days!!

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