Sunday, July 13, 2014

Friend Sleepover!

On Wednesday night, Riley & Lily had a couple of friends over. Britton & his little sister Averie! It's so fun that this brother & sister duo are friends with two of ours!
The boys got airplane gliders and promptly went outside to play with them:

Meanwhile inside.....

Lily & Averie dressed up in their matching Elsa dresses!
Then we did a fun flip-flop craft!
I gathered left over ribbon and material from my house & my mom's house, and got flip-flops in Averie & Lily's favorite colors.

Then we got decorating!

It was super easy! The girls picked out which ribbons/fabrics (that had been cut into strips) they wanted and in what order. They both chose the same of surprise there... ;0)
Then they tied the material on one by one.

Once they were done, I cut the strings so they were fairly uniform.



Then it was back to dress-up and Frozen soundtrack sing-alongs for the girls while the boys played on their computers. 

After awhile, we started The Lego Movie and they each got candy & popcorn.

The girls watched maybe 10 minutes of the movie, then went back to Lily's room to play. :0)
The boys slept in the Family Room on the couches and fell right to sleep.
The girls slept in Lily's room and talked, and talked, and talked......until I threatened to make Lily sleep in one of the boys' beds. ;0)
They all had fun and cant wait to do it again!

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