Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Silver Dollar City & The Dixie Stampede!

Our second day at Silver dollar city started out great! While we waited on the boys to catch up to us, Lily posed in some of the cute things they have at the front of the park. 

The boys were determined to ride rollercoasters first thing....but, then Zach spotted the Giant Barn Swing which he had wanted to go on the day before but the wait was super long, so he & Jeff did that while Riley & Lily made these frogs race by pumping water into where the frogs were. 

That swing went up super high!

The boys raced off to Outlaw Run, the newest rollercoaster after the swing, so Lily & I hung out waiting for them to get in a car. (Lily & I are chickens, and we are not ashamed to admit it!)

This was Riley's favorite coaster. He got a snow globe of this ride for one of his souvenirs!

Next they went on Wildfire, which I did not get a picture of this day. But that coaster was Zach's favorite. (It took Riley a few times to actually like it. It was pretty loopy I guess...)

Next everyone but me went on The American Plunge. It was still early in the morning & it was really cool, so I had no desire to get soaking wet yet.

The boys loved it! Lily told us several times how much she did not...

Next up was the train!

After the train, Lily got into a little bit of trouble. ;0)

We rode several more rides, and then Zach got to pan for gems. This is what he wanted for one of his souvenirs. He bought a bag of sand that was guaranteed to have several gems, then he put it in a sieve and washed it in the "river".

He found several right away!

These were the gems he could find in his bag of sand:

He got a lot of gems!!

He really enjoyed panning for gems. :0)

Later on the evening, we went to the Dixie Stampede with Gary & Sheril!

Every time Lily saw one of these girls, we had to get her picture taken with them. :0)

Before we went in, we checked out the horses that are used during the show!

Lily LOVED this horse!!

We made it into the area where they have the pre-show and sat down to be entertained!

Lily was super into this juggler!

After the pre-show, we went in to the main arena to sit down to enjoy a yummy dinner & a fabulous show!!

I had only taken these two pictures when Jeff leaned over & said, "Umm, you're not supposed to take pictures in here." OOPS! Oh well. ;0)

We had a GREAT time at this show. We have been before and love it everytime!

After the show, we went back and let the kids swim for awhile and then it was off to bed to get ready for another full day of fun!


  1. using your blog to convince Thomas we need to go to Branson sometime.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I have never been and want to go!