Friday, July 25, 2014

Table Rock Lake Fun (and a night out for Jeff & I!)

On Wednesday during our vacation to Branson, we went to Table Rock Lake and rented a boat for the morning. We started out fishing!

I do not have very patient fishers.....

But Lily finally caught one!!

She was pretty excited!!
Then she went right back to fishing. She has some weird fishing positions.

The boys didn't catch any fish. Gary did catch a few though!

After fishing, we headed in to get the tube to go tubing. The boys were very excited about this. They have never been and wanted to try it out!

Zach was first.

He stayed on the whole time!! He loved it!

Riley was up next:

He did great too! He did go flying off though. He literally flew and flipped through the air. I will admit that the mommy in me almost jumped out of the boat to get him and make sure he was OK. But as soon as he surfaced, he shouted, "That was AWESOME!!" :0)

Lily was after Riley, and we had to drag her kicking and screaming onto the tube. Seriously. See how happy she is to be on it?

In her defense, she had just seen her brother flip through the air....
We assured her that was not going to happen, that Daddy was going with her and that Grandpa would drive slow!
She was much happier after they actually started going and realized she wasn't going to fall off. She even went two more times after this!

I knew she would love it, we just had to get her on it to convince her.

Jeff was next. He's tubed before, so he was right at home.

He even started showing off!

I was after Jeff. I really liked it.....

until I fell off.
It was fun though. :0)

The kids and Jeff tuned several more times, and then it was time to take the boat back. After we took it back, we had a picnic lunch, then headed back to the condo.

That evening, Sheril & Gary watched the kids while Jeff & I went out to the Showboat Branson Belle. We've been here before and love it!

They serve you dinner while you watch a magic show, then after dinner, they let you go out on to the decks of the boat while it is sailing around Table Rock Lake.

There was a show after that of singers, more magic tricks, and a violinist who was also an acrobat!
We had a good time spending a few hours just the two of us!

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